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Enculturating the entrepreneur mindset from a young age

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

The rate with which the world economy is growing is sometimes exciting and at other times terrifying to comprehend. With this speed also comes the deterioration of the earth. This deterioration has been mainly negative, but one positive observation I made is how it has impressed on most young people to take a different approach when it comes to entrepreneurship and money-making.

Some have found ways to make money without hurting a fly, turning their passion into paid jobs or living the life they want and getting paid for it ( I mean them as social media influencers) and others are trying to find what they can do with their passion or in some cases figure exactly what their passion is. Since the solutions of about 95 per cent of the problems of the world can be found in books, I found two books to help set people on the right part.

Book 1- Find Your Place by Rob Wegner and Brian Phipps

Before you set out to make any meal, you must first know what you want to cook and which ingredients to buy. The same analogy works for entrepreneurship first know what you are good at THEN make it your enterprise. This book helps you to complete the first step. Luckily this book can be bought on audible for free if you sign-up for the one-month free-trail.

Book 2- The Young Entrepreneur's Guide to Starting and Running a Business: Turn Your Ideas into Money! By Steve Moriatti.

The ingredients are ready...let us start with the business formation and running.

Just by having an idea of what you want, you are half-way to your finish line.

I wish you all the best and feel free to let me know what business you set-up and what I can do to support it.

Keep on the road of Awesomeness, and I'll see you in my next post.