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Into the world of Poppy- the maiden- and Chase-her royal guard. "From blood and Ash"

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

My eyes narrowed "You have an over-inflated sense of involvement in my life if you really think that".
"I think I have a good grasp on just how much of a role I play"

"Lines from the book."

If you are into romance novels and want to know what happens if you put two head-strong people in the same room then I highly recommend this book and if you've read it -your thoughts in the comment section, please.

When I read the blurb, I wondered how this romance could bloom. I thought it would be a mess (at least 20% of the story being unclear). Was it a mess? -HELL NO

Believe me, if I tell you I was pleasantly surprised.

The author of this amazing book- Jennifer L. Armentrout really blew my mind with this one.

Just when I think "ok... Now I have this story all figured out" something happens that questions that thought.

The writing, the conversations, the sarcastic retorts are all 'sooo' good. And the EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER, I can't begin to talk about.

The world was a bit confusing in the first few chapters, but I wouldn't be here writing this review of how good it was if I didn't stick to it.

This is a story of Poppy and Hawke- the maiden and her guard. It is set in the Kingdom of Solis, in the city of Masadonia. In Masadonia, the rich are lords and poor their loyal subject. Poppy was chosen from birth to be maiden- the one to usher in a new era-her life has never been hers. She follows strict rules just so the gods would find her worthy for the ascension....well I should say she is supposed to be following strict rules, but life is never that straightforward.

The starts with the "maiden" visiting a whorehouse in disguise and almost her "maidenhood" ("what is a maiden doing there?" you may be wondering. Let me tell you that was exactly what I was wondering)

We find out later on that Poppy has quite a rebellious soul ( in other words a rebellious teenager), and although she lives with royalty, she is treated worse than a servant -in my opinion. Oops! Nearly forgot,

and also there is the villain- the dark one, leader of rival kingdom-the Kingdom of Atlantia, who presumably wants the maiden dead.

Later on, in the story, her royal guard is replaced by Hawke, the man she nearly lost it to. She prays her disguise worked that night and that he doesn't know who she is.

This where if you have read it, head over to the comment section and let me know what you thought of Poppy's gift ( I thought it was super cool) and that jaw-dropping revelation at the end. ( Should she forgive him for all the lies?). If you haven't read it (what are you waiting for?) get the book, read it and come back to let me know how you felt about the book in the comment section. I look forward to your reaction.

You could also sign up for an audible free trial and get the audiobook for free. Just click the link below.

Bye for now. :)