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Legend of the seeker- Sword of truth series by Terry Goodkind.

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

During the week, I heard the unfortunate news of the death of Terry Goodkind, the author of one of my favourite fantasy series. To pay my tribute, I reread his entire series so I could remind myself why I recommend this book series to my friends.

Buckle up folks; it is going to be a long ride. With 12 books in the original series ( with 3 more added later), this story explores the Westlands, the non-magical kingdom and the magical kingdoms of the midlands and D'hara.

The villain, Darken Rahl, is the ruler of D'hara who seeks to control the midlands too. His plans are going smoothly, but there is a potential stumbling block, the rise of a seeker. He tries to find the seeker, though he doesn't know exactly who it is.

Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander, the greatest wizard to ever live, has the task of naming the seeker and guiding him through his journey of defeating Darken Rahl and restoring peace in D'hara and the midlands. But he leaves the midlands for the Westlands after his family was killed by Darken Rahl's soldiers and conceals his identity.

Kahlan Amnell, the mother confessor, has been delegated to go to the Westlands in search of the great wizard, who would, in turn, he would name the seeker. A journey that took the lives of all her sisters and their wizards.

She meets Richard Cypher, who happens to be good friends with Zed, who helps her escape from Darken Rahl's soldiers. He listens to her story and promises to help her in her search for the great wizard.

This is where I tell you to get the books if you haven't read them and tell me your opinions in the comment section or get into the comment section if you've already read it and let's talk about it.

You can get the first two books of the series for free from audible with a free trial (first-time users only) with the link below.

Looking forward to your thoughts and opinions.:)